Toyota will make repairing old Land Cruisers that much more simple

Toyota will make repairing old Land Cruisers that much more simple


Toyota Land Cruiser J40, made between 1960 and 1984, is a beautiful thing. It is very utilitarian, tough and just cool. It is a real off-roader with some serious credentials, which is why it became so popular in rural areas of the world. And now these old land Cruisers are classic vehicles, enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts. But how do you repair one?

Toyota Land Cruiser J40 – these off-roaders are getting pretty old and hard to repair, but Toyota is going to solve that. Image credit: Jeremy via Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0)

This is a serious question. Because Toyota stopped producing the 40 Series Land Cruiser back in 1984, for a long time there were no spare parts available. Your only option was buying aftermarket products, which are usually lacking in quality, or finding a donor car. This makes older Land Cruiser difficult to drive often, because you need to preserve those old joints. But Toyota is about to make repairing Land Cruiser J40 a lot easier.

Some time ago Toyota launched the GR Heritage Parts Project, which aims to keep older Toyotas on the road without extensive trouble associated with driving old cars. And now it will reproduce spare parts of the 40 Series Land Cruiser that have been discontinued. People will be able to buy engines, drivelines, and exhaust systems. Essentially, old Land Cruisers will be made possible to drive daily if the owner so desires. Toyota is launching this with selected suppliers and wishes that older Land Cruisers will be driven safely and with peace of mind. For now the beginning of 2022 is being targeted as a launch date for the GR Heritage Parts Project.

Toyota Gazoo Racing (that is what’s hiding under those GR letters) has previously supplied heritage parts for the A70 and A80 Supra, and the 2000GT. Now it is gearing up to reproduce spare parts for the Land Cruiser J40, but it is likely that the list will continue to grow. Which will make vintage Toyota owners very happy. Now there are talks that later generations of Land Cruiser will be next.

Old cars are not very reliable and you just have to live with that in mind. There is a reason why people don’t drive them more often – they break and wear out. A lot of them are destined to junk yards, but some of these older vehicles are too cool to become spare parts and metal waste. Hopefully, Toyota’s efforts will help Land Cruiser owners to keep their vintage off-roaders running for a long time.


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