Saints Row Reboot Announced at Gamescom 2021

Saints Row Reboot Announced at Gamescom 2021


Gamescom 2021 had its opening night today, and with it came a not-unexpected announcement. A confirmation that a reboot of the beloved Saints Row series is on the way.

The very first trailer of the night is a confirmation of the long-rumored reboot of the sandbox crime game Saint’s Row. The trailer showed off a brand new, back to basics look for the series. Superpowers and celebrity cameos are gone. But the trailer itself wasn’t without plenty of charm and excitement. It shows the new characters getting into a gunfight followed by a car chase, ending in some urban destruction. The intention is clear, This is all about a street gang trying to rise through the ranks against rival criminals to establish a criminal empire. But it is also about delivering the kind of madcap mayhem that only Saint’s Row can deliver.

The team behind the original series, Volition are working on the new installment. “I can tell you that Volition took a really fresh approach to Saints Row this time around,” voice actor Bryce Charles told Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021’s host Geoff Keighley. “I think it’s evident by that awesome trailer that they went back to the drawing board and essentially created everything from scratch. We got new characters, [a] new city, new gangs to take on — the whole deal.”

A woman readying an elaborate rocket launcher with neon signs in the background
Now that’s the kind of impractical rocket launcher I expect the Saints to pack.

In fact, that is the biggest surprise the presentation had: downplaying nostalgic references. Aside from a Professor Genki-looking neon sign near the end, any and all shout-outs to the city of Stillwater, or prior versions of the Saints are non-existent. Not even a cameo by the ascended meme of a man, Johnny Gat. Then again, considering the last installments of Saints Row involved the Earth being destroyed by aliens, the street gang messing with time travel, and Gat himself going to Hell, killing Satan, then learning the secrets of the universe from God himself, perhaps a clean break was necessary.

But you still have a fully customizable leader of the Saints and you will be raising hell, so the spirit of the series clearly lives on. At the end of the day, that’s what fans really wanted.

This new Saint’s Row will be available on February 25, 2022.


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