Lava vs. Bulletproof glass: Which is the Winner?

Lava vs. Bulletproof glass: Which is the Winner?


We already know that the bulletproof glass is exceptionally strong. It simply has to be, because, well, it is designed to stop bullets. But it is not completely impenetrable.

Still image from YouTube video.

Such type of transparent material looks nearly identical to a regular glass which is used in our homes. But it is made in a different way: several layers of different ‘glassy’ materials are combined into a single sheet, and the more laminated layers there are, the stronger this glass becomes.

But what would happen if such bulletproof glass would be subjected to some other hazardous impact, other than a bullet? Extremely hot lava, for example? Of course, such scenario is purely hypothetical, but the following video presents an actual experiment with these materials:

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