Hood: Outlaws and Legends Season 1: Samhain Arrives This September

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Season 1: Samhain Arrives This September


It looks like Hood Season 1 is fast approaching, as it’s just been announced that Hood: Outlaws and Legends Season 1: Samhain releasing on September 2, 2021. The biggest addition will be the first new outlaw, Eidaa, which will be free for all players. She is described as a “true master of the sword” and she excels in one on one duels. There’s also updates to the winch system, a battle pass, and the newly-introduced PvE State Heist mode. Check out the trailer for Hood Season 1 below:

What’s in Hood Season 1?

We’ve already talked about the new Outlaw, Eidaa, but another big change to the game is how winching system works, where it’ll now apparently both improve and intensify the final phase of each match. Instead of one team being able to winch for the treasure chest, both teams will now be able to do so, giving the game a “fairer, more balanced experience in which every step of the heist counts!” We’ll have to see about that, but it does sound fairer.

As for the aforementioned battle pass, there will be a lot of new cosmetics for players to unlock in the new and separate progression system. All outlaws–including Eidaa–will have cosmetics to unlock over time. All players will also be able to progress the battle pass, which means there’s free items at certain tiers for non-paying players to work towards.

Last but not least is the PvE State Heist mode. In it, players will be playing against a State that’s much more aggressive with unique death and respawn mechanics for the mode. There’s also a new map coming, which is good for any multiplayer game’s longevity.

For more information on Hood: Outlaws and Legends, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.


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