Everything at the Xbox Indie Showcase

Everything at the Xbox Indie Showcase


The event kicked off with some talk about there not being any Halo: Infinite or similar games here, and discussing what sort of things make up the indie scene before the event began.

Lightyear Frontier Revealed at Event

The first trailer of the Xbox Indie Showcase was Lightyear Frontier. This game by Framebreak and Amplifier Game Invest looks like a spacey building sim where you explore a new planet. The game will let up to four players discover and grow alien plants, domesticate alien wildlife, and build a home away from home.

The Wandering Village is coming to Xbox

Previously shown off at E3, The Wandering Village is a game where you build a village on the back of a giant, wandering creature dubbed Onbu, which they are on to escape a world contaminated by mysterious toxic spores.. As the creature wanders across the lands, your people and the creature have to survive together in a symbiotic relationship. This trailer announced The Wandering Village will be coming to Xbox.

Lab Rat Announced

Lab Rat is a game that will bring games like Portal to mind, where you complete a variety of puzzles while an AI guides you. Don’t worry, everything is totally normal, and the AI totally won’t harm you.

The Legend of Wright Release Date Set for This Winter

With an extremely unique sketch aesthetic, The Legend of Wright looks to be an RPG experience that mixes a variety of mechanics with drawings that look straight out of a fun-looking sketchbook.. Players will be able to see if this beauty is more than skin deep when it releases this Winter, following several delays.

The Legend of Wright

OlliOlli World Character Customization Trailer

Steve from Roll7 got the chance to tell us more about his studio’s upcoming entry into the OlliOlli franchise of skateboarding games. Players will get the opportunity to make a fully customizable character and do flips and tricks in the colorful and vibrant world of Radlandia. Get your skate on when OlliOlli World releases this Winter.

Inked: A Tale of Love Xbox Release Date Trailer

“Memories haunt this paper,” warns the trailer to this narrative-driven puzzle game. Set in a world of beautiful pen-drawn landscape, players will guide the Nameless Hero on his search for his love Aiko. The game was originally released on PC in April 2018, but was since removed from sale as they signed with a publisher to rework a lot of the game. Inked: A Tale of Love will release on August 28th, 2021.

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered Xbox Release Trailer

Sam & Max, the team of dog detective and hyperkinetic rabbity-thing that make up the Freelance Police, return in this remaster of their episodic adventure games. Originally releasing in 2006 and made by the late Telltale Games, this game collects their old adventures for the Xbox today.



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